Basket Making

Metal and wood are precious resources in the Highlands, whereas reed, cane and willow are plentiful and renew with the seasons. For generations baskets made from renewable resources have been used for catching and carrying fish, as back and pony creels, for household purposes such as holding laundry, gathering eggs – even serving bannocks at table. Baskets have traditionally been used across all aspects of highland life, crafts and trades.

Inspired by the work being done by Scotland’s Woven Communities project, and the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore Scotland, the RenScots are embarking on a journey to bring this fascinating craft to our Living History Village. This year we are demonstrating egg baskets, and plan to expand basket-making for several uses throughout the village.

Find Basket Making in the RenScots Living History Village in the Blue Bonnet Pavilion.


The Woven Communities Project

Basketmaking communities in Scotland

The Highland Folk Museum

The Isobel Grant Collection, which holds many fine examples of Traveler and other Highland baskets.