Renaissance Scots Living History Association
A 501(c)3 Federal Tax Exempt Non-Profit Educational Corporation.


It is with great sorrow that we mark the passing of Curtis Judd.

Curtis was a long time member of the RenScots, and the second Chief. He steered us through some bad times, but also some incredible times, and he handled everything and everyone with care and love. Curtis had been battling gastric cancer for several months, and as everything he did, he gave it his all, but it unfortunately it wasn't enough.

Curtis was an exceptional man, husband, father and friend, and someone we can all aspire to be like, so please keep him, his family, Katte, Jenna, Celton and Meaghan in your thoughts and if so inclined your prayers.

The Renaissance Scots got started by accident, at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, in 1995. A chance meeting on Opening Day, between two new residents and two college boys, led to frantic work over the next two months. So, on Closing Weekend that August, ten wild Highlanders walked in the Gates. Before the day was out, we had discussed the possibility of keeping something going. Formal Meetings started that September, with seven people getting the ball rolling.

We decided early to set the original goal of being Historical Re-enactors, and keep to the facts as much as possible. This goal has been modified slightly as we are not portraying actual historic figures but rather bringing the flavor (and odor sometimes) of the times through Living History rather than re-enacting it. The time period we portray is roughly from 1600-1740 in Highland Scotland, before the battle of Culloden.

This is an adopted heritage, for many of us. So, we portray a Clan--we do not represent one. No RenScots emblem, tartan, or other symbols may exactly duplicate those of a real Clan. No office, title, or rank is recognized by any authority, from the Lord Lyon on down, as having any legitimacy outside our organization. People of Scottish descent are rightly proud of their heritage, and it is not our role to usurp that. Also, as membership in the RenScots is open to anyone, it's useful to remember we are playing a role. If we do it well, we educate someone on some new aspect of how life really was in the "olde times".

As you might expect, each member brings different talents to the clan. We encourage our members to learn for ourselves, teach others, and have a good time doing it. Every talent we have, from sword fighting to spinning wool, is shared among our members. Costuming, leatherwork, even just getting dressed, can be a team effort. Websites, books, news or other articles, are all shared. We are fortunate in the people who are now members.

Our membership is quite diverse. They are constantly on the lookout for opportunities, both in and out-side the group, to do new things. Meetings have grown from sit-around-and-talk, to crafts and costumes, swordfight instruction, and anything else that seems appropriate. In May of 1997, we applied to the Secretary of State of Colorado, and were Incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. We are a 501 (c) 3 Federal Tax exempt Non-Profit educational group. We still do social things, but our Teaching aspect has grown appreciably. We are featured at many festivals, a schedule of which can be found here.

So, regardless of your ethnic background, there is a place for you in The Renaissance Scots, if you'd like to try playing our giant game of Adult "Let's Pretend." We can help you with costuming, character...almost anything you need, we have or can find it--or just give you ideas. We have fun. We hope you do, too, when you visit.

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